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What is new

What is new in version 2018 :
1. Add street level satellite map with Google imagery source;
2. Add street level satellite map with Microsoft imagery source;
3.More stable and fluent

What is new in version 6.0:
1. Add support for GPS navigation with NEMA-0183 compatible GPS Receiver;
2. Add support for multi-core cpu, fast rendering speed;
3. Add GPS-tracks map;
4. Add region select function for background maps download;
5. Update countries and region information;
6. Add 50000+ earthquakes information and display in a better style;
7. Full function and full resolution evaluation mode;
8. New settings added to the preference dialog;
9. Fixed all known bugs.

What is new in version 5.0:
1. Add new 50m/pixel shaded relif topographical view mode derived from SRTM.
2. Add new 50m/pixel blending view mode derived from satellite view mode and topographical view mode.
3. Increase the map redering speed by 20%;
4. Increase the speed of image fetching from remote server by 100%;

What is new in version 4.6:
1. Improved program interface;

What is new in version 4.5:
1. Updated resolution: 40m/pixel resolution for world;
2. Updated data for countires and earthquakes;
3. Automatically restore the place upon exit;

What is new in version 4.0:

1.Major updates include:

    1. 0m resolution satellite imagery;
      With 50-meter/pixel resolution, you can zoom to street-level.
    2. Add your own comments on places
      You can pinpoint a place by name, or by coordinates and write your comment over it. For instance, you may add "Daniel's Home", followed by blah-blah-blah contents.
    3. Add Place Mark
      You may pinpoint a place either by its name or its coordinates.
    4. Add Path;
      You can add lots of pins to places to form a desired path. This is especially useful when you are planning for a travel.
    5. Add Print Options and Print preview;
      Some complaints that it is not easy to print out a digital map from our software, because there's not Print and Preview Option with previous version. We add this function, so that you could adjust resolution and the size of your print before you print them out.
    6. Enable Full Screen Shortcut key operation;
      Full screen operation was impossible for previous versions, for all keyboard shortcuts cannot associate with the full-screen mode. We enable this function in a hope to make it easy for people who prefer a larger display of our digital 3D map.
    7. Add map legend;
      Map Legend helps you understand what dots and squares mean on the map.
    8. Add compass;
      When you rotate the digital earth, it will be hard for you to know the directions without the assistance of a compass.
    9. Add scale;
      Map Scale associate the actual size of the traditional map with vector description of digital map. It interpretes what 50 meter/pixel resolution means.
    10. Add DMS and GPS formats for lat/lon input;
    11. Enable zoom inl/out via mouse scroll;
      Scrolling up your mouse will zoom closer into the map; scrolling it down will zoom out until the Earth looks like a tiny little blue gem in the vast universe.
    12. Enable "Loading" notice while accessing data;
      Loading will be displayed when Earth Explorer is accessing data from Motherplanet data server. It will take a few seconds or more (if your connection is slow) to present you a clear bird's eyeview. So please wait in patience while loading.

2.Minor update:
1) Rearranged image icons for sub menu items;
2) Fixed some minor bugs;

What is new in version 3.5:

1.Major updates include:
1) Improved location map display;
2) Add user-define location map to Earth Explorer;
2.Minor update:
1) Windows XP look and feel is used for Windows XP;
2) The maximum resolution of the trial version is set to 5km per-pixel;
3) Some minor bugs fixed;

Earth Explorer 3.0has some important improvements from Earth Explorer 2.5.

Major updates include:

  • Integrated Topographic and Satellite images in one program.
  • Enabled Blend Model and preferences.
  • Added Day and Night Map.
  • Enabled Full Screen mode.
  • Perform search by name of Countries, Cities and Islands.
  • Measure great circle distance between points and calculate azimuth angle.
  • Enabled 3 Distance units, KM, MI and NM.
  • Enabled 3 Lat/Lon Formats, Decimal Degrees, GPS Coords and Degrees, Minutes, Seconds.
  • Added detailed information for cities in Norway.
  • Added Help Document.

Minor updates

  • Added slide to adjust resolution and give information for resolution.
  • Configurable FOV.
  • Three angles for Lat/Lon Grid to opt in: 10, 15 and 30 degrees.
  • Provided two re-sampling modes, Nearest Neighbor and bilinear.
  • Enable/Disable starry night effect.
  • Exact positioning for given lat/lon spot.

Other modifications:

  • Reduced the space for storage, ensuring smoother performance.
  • Fixed some minor bugs.

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