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Earth Explorer 5.0

Earth Explorer provide 50m/pixel resolution statllite/topographic/blend map for whole world. Information such as political boundaries, coastlines, rivers, lake and island boundaries is provided. 267 countries and regions, 40000+ ranked cities, 15000+ islands, and 1900+ noteworthy historical earthquakes since 1980, etc. Users can add place marks and path onto the map, or import user-defined data list to the map. You can treat it as a education software for geographic, find maps, or manager you own map data.

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Standard License: Only $59.95
Advanced License: Only $299.95

Major Features of Earth Explorer 5.0:

  • Have a 3D bird's-eye view of our beautiful earth;
  • Satellite/Topographical/Bending imagery map at 50m resolution covered entire earth globe;
  • Users can add place marks and path onto the map. Users can even import entire user-defined data list to the map.
  • Integrates with serval kinds of map layers:
    Vector map layers:
    1) Political boundaries(International boundaries and internal boundaries);
    2) Coastlines, lakes, islands and rivers;
    3) Longitude-latitude grids;
    Point map layers:
    1) Countries/regions distribution and detailed infromation;
    2) 40000+ ranked cities distribution and information;
    3) Islands distribution and information;
    4) Earthquake distribution maps and detailed information(Including 1900+ noteworthy historical earthquakes since 1980);
  • Interactive operation to view any beautiful location on the earth;
  • Measure distance between any two points from the globe;
  • Gamma control, day/night effect, and shinning star space background;
  • Save faviorite maps with BMP, JPEG formats, or print it out;

What is new in version 5.0?

A comparision of three view modes:

Satellite View
Blend View
DEM View
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A comparision of different resolution:

20km resolution
1km resolution
50m resolution
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