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Earth Explorer DEM 3.5

Online 3D Topographic world map at 1km resolution.

Earth Explorer DEM 3.5($39.95) is an online version, which needs Internet connection to access data from Motherplanet database. Earth Explorer DEM 3.5 has beautiful Topographic view of our planet. The Topographic view, in stead of being made from real photos, is calculated then combined Digital Elevation Model (DEM) with 1km resolution.

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Major Features of Earth Explorer DEM 3.5:

  • 3D global view with 1km resolution 3D shaded relief topographic imagery convered entire earth;
  • Inlucding 267 countries and regions, 40000+ cities, 15000+ islands, 1700+ noteworthy historical earthquakes and vector layers including political boundaries, coastlines, rivers, longitude-latitude grids;
  • Measure and caclulate distance and bearing between any two points, find a particular country, city, island by name, and learn their detailed informatiom;
  • Real-time deliver 1km resolution 3d topographic image data to your desktop;
  • Easy-to-use user interfaces;

What is new in version 3.5?

What can we do with Earth Explorer DEM 3.5 ?

  • You can zoom in close enough to a specific place(cities, countries or islands) to read its detailed information like population, GDP per capita and its area.
  • You can make the Earth spin by clicking left, right, up and down buttons.
  • You can measure the direct distance between two specific spots.
  • You can save a high resolution picture of a specific place on the 3D world map.

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